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Plans & Pricing

We are available for short and long term projects. Our hourly rate for short term projects are $125/hour, monthly management rates, or we can custom create a work agreement. 

  • Business Audit + Success Plan

    +$500 Account Migration/Set Up
    A 60-point digital inspection of your brand's platforms complete with a plan to optimize growth.
    Valid for one month
    • Paid Ads Channel Review
    • Paid Social Channel Review
    • Email Channel Review
  • Paid Ads Management

    Every month
    We will build a data-driven Paid Ads plan meant to fulfill your business goals.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Data driven planning
    • Work within your budget
    • Integration with your GA4 Account
    • Bi-weekly or Monthly Reporting
  • Paid Social Management

    Every month
    Optimize up to 3 social media channels to open brand awareness, capture leads, and drive sales.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Build and optimize META Ads
    • Build and optimize TikTok Ads
    • Work within your budget
    • Bi-weekly or Monthly Reporting
  • Brand Anthem Video

    +$125 Planning Session
    Pre-production, shooting, and editing a video to showcase brand offerings.
    • Pre-Production Scripting
    • Voice Over Recordings
    • 1 Day On-Site Production
    • B Roll Footage Shooting
    • Video Editing
    • 1 Horizontal Video Export
    • 1 Vertical Social Media Export
  • Email Marketing Management

    Every month
    Email marketing strategies built for driving conversions in your business goals.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Custom Capture Forms
    • Email Template Creations
    • Automations
    • List Segmentations
    • Email Cadence Publishing
  • Video Production Day Rate

    Expand video offerings beyond anthem video. Highlight products & services to optimize Youtube.
    • Highlight brand products
    • Showcase brand services
    • Educate your customers
    • Entertain potential customers with engaging storytelling
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